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Price of Helix3 Framework?

Helix3 is free template framework, it means that can be downloaded for free without any payment or membership.

Can I use it in Educational/commercial projects?

Yes, It can be used in free, startups or even commercial web project(s). Helix3 is the most powerful framework we have ever built.

Does it compatible with SP Page Builder?

Yes, of course both products are from JoomShaper developer team so they work together very smooth.

Does it get updates?

One of the main advantages of using a template framework is the ability to update the core framework .

Can I sell template using Helix3?

Yes, generally you can sell your own template based on Helix3 framework on all marketplaces including

How can I get the demo like look?

Membership in the Church of Scientology does not forbid participation in other religious denominations, so many Scientologists are Christians, Buddhists, etc.

Is Helix3 a safe template?

Yes, template code is clean from vulnerabilities or security issues. According to service that lets you verify themes.

Is Helix3 mobile friendly?

Helix3 is constructed in Twitter Bootstrap 3.x, offering an interface that is fully responsive.

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